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About WriterDie

WriterDie started out in several different places, from the first time AMSB and Chris sat down to talk about the creation of a new Austin based music review site to Nate’s time spent podcasting with his friends in Salt Lake City -- these were all moments that led to the birth of WriterDie.

While still in its infancy, we hope WriterDie may someday become the home for other voices besides our own. We want the site to be a living, breathing organism expressing unique thoughts without becoming stuck in its own ways.

As the site itself has just launched, we’re not quite ready to open it up to new writers just yet. However, the future moves rapidly, so if you’re interested in sharing your voice with us, please stay tuned!

If you’d like to contact us as well, we’re always available at


Andrew M. S. Boyd

Both close friends and casual acquaintances perhaps know Andrew M.S. Boyd best for his two most distinguishing characteristics: his undying interest in just about any subject under the sun and, boringly, the awkward acronym comprised of the first letters of each of his given names.

AMSB has been an aspiring writer for most of his life. Those aspirations started with Star Trek fan-fiction and Clancy-esque tales of submariner bravery when he was a boy. Today they find a home in WriterDie’s Multimeter. There, AMSB attempts commentary on a variety of topics, from technology and politics to pop culture and film. Shockingly enough, he even occasionally manages to succeed in this endeavor.

Writers write, and that’s what AMSB is doing. You may not agree with every keystroke he makes, but you can be damn sure that at least he himself will find it interesting. You can follow him on Twitter: @amsb


Chris Willis

One slow moving day in January, Chris Willis picked up his first issue of Under the Radar magazine and immediately developed a new dream: music critique. Through VinylFluid on WriterDie, Chris attempts to fulfill that burning desire which manifested itself on a cold, winter day during sophomore year of college. Follow along as he tries to separate music he thinks is worthy of a place on your record shelf from music with which you should spend only a fleeting moment of your life.

Chris is always interested in reviewing new music, from artists he’s heard of and those that have slipped through the cracks. If you’d like to recommend a new album for him to review, send an email to


Nate Mackie

Two years ago Nate loaded his Subaru with all that would fit and moved from the land of beehives and Bibles to the state of boots and beer. Leaving his family and friends behind, he started the 20 hour road trip.  

With new soil under his feet, a different cuisine on his tongue, and a foreign bar scene at his disposal, it wasn't long until he realized he had an entire city to explore.

Combining his love of writing with his desire to discover, Nate created Austinomics on WriterDie. This is a channel where Austinites, or anyone looking to move to this beautiful city, can go to read about local venues, events, restaurants, and bars.

If you disagree with his assessment, or find a new little bar you'd like him to know about, he'd love to hear from you at