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Mainstay Tattoo

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The options for a solid tattoo studio in Austin are abundant. The options for a great tattoo studio in Austin are not as common and can be slightly more exclusive. Mainstay Tattoo is easily one of the studio leaders consistently churning out quality tattoos. 

From the exterior Mainstay looks like a modest home with an exclusive parking lot. Additional parking can be found on the street and has always been plentiful on each of my trips. 


Being an avid tattoo collector and art lover, walking into Mainstay is akin to coming home. As soon as the bell on the door chimes you’re inundated with art, culture, color, the rousing buzz of tattoo machines, and the sweet smell of green soap. A rotating parade of vibrant fresh flash adorns the walls as well as a few comically decorated stuffed animal busts and hand painted signs.

In an industry riddled with holier-than-thou tattoo artists, the small crew at Mainstay (consisting mostly of Cory, Ivan, and Zach) have curated a humble, light-hearted, and friendly environment with a foundation of banter and laughter. A recipe that any nervous newcomer to the tattoo scene would find relaxing and settling. 

As with most studios, the team of artists brings a wealth of talent and knowledge, fostering a habitat of growth and selection. Since each artist excels in their preferred style, the level of skill equates to endless ideas.

Although primarily made up of the three previously mentioned artists, Mainstay prides themselves on the ever-changing cast of outside artists. If you’re a tattoo collector, keep your eye on the News section of their website to see who is scheduled to be a guest and when. 

If you’re outside of the Austin area, and want to get some beautiful work done by the exceptional talent that makes up Mainstay, luckily there’s a chance they may visit your city. You can get familiar with the Calendar section of their site to see where and when they travel. 

*All tattoos shown are by the brilliant mind of Ivan Antonyshev

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