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Bouldin Creek Cafe

January 22, 2017

Since they moved to their current home on the lax corner of south 1st and Mary in 2010, Bouldin Creek Cafe has become a staple for vegetarian and vegan fare that even meat eaters can appreciate. With a wide array of offerings, from coffee to sake to tacos, Bouldin Creek Cafe is great for dining or just sipping a hot brew and catching up on work. 

When you first enter Bouldin Creek Cafe (access can be granted through the back as well), you’re promptly greeted with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and walls adorned with alternating works by local artists. Dining at Bouldin Creek Cafe is closer to eating in the heartbeat of a living museum than it is to an actual cafe. 

Depending on the time of day, there may be a wait. However, with plenty of seating inside and out, the wait is never exceedingly long but always worth it. On a sunny weekday morning, the outside seating provides a slow trickle of cars and the sweet songs of nearby birds. 

The impressive coffee bar dominates the opening area and offers face to face interaction with the knowledgeable and friendly baristas as well as a counter to eat or drink. While Bouldin Creek Cafe has table service, if you sit in the opening area you’ll order your food and drink at the coffee bar. 

Just beyond the coffee bar is the dining area. Like walking through a vortex into another world, the dining area leaves behind the fun and frenzied movement of the coffee bar and surrenders a serene nirvana of decor with a bounty of tables. The walls and ceiling are lined with crafted works of art and unique lighting fixtures.

After grabbing a seat, you can browse the wealth of food options. The menu isn’t pictured here since it changes occasionally and is accurately depicted and readily available online. With an abundant amount of food choices being provided, Bouldin Creek Cafe has just as many drink items.


I highly recommend the Pink Lady, a striking blend of champagne and rose infusion. The bubbles of the champagne cause the rose flavor to dance on your tongue like a delicate bouquet in a ferocious windstorm. The Pink Lady is but one of the many perfectly crafted champagne-based cocktails.

Ever since I moved to Austin, Bouldin Creek Cafe has been my go to for honest vegetarian food. On any given day, you can find me sat in the corner, reading a book and taking advantage of their generous happy hour and outstanding tofu tacos.

As beautiful as the scenery and the staff at Bouldin Creek Cafe is, it’s no wonder they’ll be celebrating their 17 year anniversary in June. 

Congratulations and here’s to many more!

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