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Weather Up!

December 13, 2016:

When we arrived at Weather Up, one of my favorite underground cocktail bars, parking was sparse. This wasn’t an issue as the attractive location is home to one of the largest private parking lots of any bar I’ve been to. It wasn’t until entering the bar grounds that we saw a horde of well-dressed patrons flooding the small indoor area. 

Taking a seat at one of the many available tables in the alluring courtyard, bathed with decorative outdoor lighting (something we in Austin have all grown customary to), it wasn’t long before we were welcomed by a helpful member of the wait staff. 

Weather Up is proud of the readily available wait staff and table service they offer, greeting you with glasses and a water carafe so you’re never left parched. It was then we were notified of the private party inside, that was slated to finish soon. As soon as they were gone, we would be able to sit inside. The helpful staff member assured us they would have the bar back to “the standard we were accustomed to.”

We weren’t affected by the breeze as the outdoor area is lined with trees and other vegetation, creating a soundtrack of whistling and leaf rustling, encouraging you to cuddle up to either a partner or one of the heat lamps provided. 


Despite the cold, sitting outside provided a picturesque view of the back of the elegant former residence turned cocktail bar. A view that perfectly companions the environment and should be enjoyed at night and with your favorite drink. 

Since we made it in time for happy hour (offered every day from 4 - 7) I decided to warm up with an Old Fashioned, my favorite mixed spirit. The knowledgeable bartenders construct an Old Fashioned using a sugar cube instead of the traditional simple syrup method. This process may turn some seasoned Old Fashioned drinkers off, but I assure you the conclusion will be well-received and certainly gets the job done.

Half way through my first drink, and still deep in compelling conversation, we noticed the private party was winding down, allowing for indoor seating. Deciding to beat the oncoming chill, we found a spot inside at one of my favorite booths.

Albeit small, the inside bar area of Weather Up allocates a cozy nook to converse, drink, and even eat from the meticulously prepared food menu. Adorned with subway-style tiling and refined lighting features, the round aesthetic, marble tables, and mirror-lined walls are reminiscent of that of an old speakeasy. 

While not adhering to normal bar hours (they often close at midnight), you won’t find the typical “college crowd” which can commonly freckle the city on a weekend. On any given Friday night, you’ll find a more sophisticate batch of people calling Weather Up home, ready to sample the extensive drink list.

However, Weather Up is still not without fault and far from perfect. Since the kitchen is attached to the inside bar area via a little serving window, the smell of bacon can sometimes be over powering. Some may not find issue with this though. The size of the kitchen can also lead to slower food delivery. 

At the end of the night, with four cocktails between us, we were able to close out having spent less than $45, including tip. 

Weather Up truly is a place where a writer can be a writer.

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