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Project: Talk

Project: Talk is an off the cuff interview-style podcast featuring WriterDie's Nate and a motley crew of rotating co-hosts.

Project: Talk - The Idiot's Guide to The Internet: A Reunion Show

In this episode, my roots are showing when the better half of The Idiot's Guide to The Internet (my ill fated first podcast) comes by to talk shop and memories. We also touch on our Oscar picks (despite them not being released), have some communication related technical difficulties, and settle old bets.

This episode is brought to you by: 
 - Six or seven shots of Amaretto (gross)
 - Six bottles of Lone Star Beer

Oscar Picks:
 - Tyler
   * The Post (Best Picture)
   * Meryl Streep (Best Actress)
   * James Franco (Best Actor)
   * Sally Hawkins (Wildcard - Best Actress)
 - Nolan
   * Lady Bird (Best Picture)
   * Margot Robbie (Best Actress)
   * Daniel Kaluuya (Best Actor)
   * Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO (Wildcard - Best Picture)
 - Nate
   * Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO (Best Picture)
   * Frances McDormand (Best Actress)
   * Gary Oldman (Best Actor)
   * Lady Bird (Wildcard - Best Picture)

Nate Mackie