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Project: Talk

Project: Talk is an off the cuff interview-style podcast featuring WriterDie's Nate and a motley crew of rotating co-hosts.

Project: Talk - RoughKast's Joey

On this episode, I'm joined by RoughKast frontman Joey as we pfly by the seat of our pants. Hopped up on a cocktail consisting of music videos, creative process, guitars, ghost towns, cliche villains and the aggravation toward the town of Pflugerville's penchant for adding a "P" to every word beginning with an "F", we pflow joyfully around the ins-n-outs of being in a band. Be sure to see RoughKast at the Operation Smile charity show on April 14th at Hanovers in Pflugerville. It's not that pfar!

"Where Is The Girl" music video
"Do You Wanna Dance" music video

This episode is brought to you by: 
 - Three bottles of New Belgium's Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA
 - Four pulls from a handle of whiskey

Nate Mackie