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Project: Talk

Project: Talk is an off the cuff interview-style podcast featuring WriterDie's Nate and a motley crew of rotating co-hosts.

Project: Talk - Kelly & Megan

On this episode, I turned the award-winning formula for Project: Talk on its head by giving my guests time to prep and research the topic of conversation: art! We opened the windows, whipped up Megan's version of a margarita (tequila with a whisper of lime and Triple sec), and waxed poetic about some of my favorite pieces of art. So pull up an easel, grab your paints and a palette, and settle in. 

"Starry Night Over the Rhone" by Vincent van Gogh
"The Wounded Deer" by Frida Kahlo
"Self-Portrait" by Albrecht Dürer

This episode is brought to you by: 
 - Three pints of the strongest margaritas I've ever had
 - Three cans of Austin Beerwork's "Heisenberg"
 - Two shots and a tumbler of cinnamon whiskey

Nate Mackie