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Project: Talk

Project: Talk is an off the cuff interview-style podcast featuring WriterDie's Nate and a motley crew of rotating co-hosts.

Project: Talk - One Year Anniversary Show with Ruben

On this episode, Project: Talk sees the sun rise on its one year anniversary. To celebrate, I asked my good friend Ruben, the first guest and inspiration for the show, to reprise an appearance. We talked about philosophy, Pinocchio, whether fish exist or not, and how cartoons from the 90's/early 2000's can still make us emotional. With a new year also comes a new intro song, courtesy of my good friend with the endless talent Seth Hammock. If you'd like to collaborate, you can reach him via Instagram at the link below.

So sit down an' have a listen. This is Project: Talk.

"There's No Such Thing As a Fish"
Seth's Instagram

This episode is brought to you by: 
 - Three PBR tall boys
 - Four shots of whiskey

Nate Mackie