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Volume XLV - Scene Series: Anatomy of a Dramatic Scene

On this week's episode of the WriterDie podcast, Nate and Chris welcome in guest host Drew Stover to help wrap up the scene series. 

  • Beer of the Show: Bell's Brewery's Hopslam Ale
  • 12 Angry Men - The Knife Scene
  • The Wrestler - Randy "Ram" Robinson's Curtain Call Scene
  • Moonlight - "Hello Stranger" Scene
  • Batman v. Superman - Martha Scene
  • Up - Opening Montage Scene
  • Training Day - King Kong Scene
Volume XLIV - Scene Series: Anatomy of a Comedy Scene

On this third entry into the WriterDie Scene Series, the guys break down some of the scenes that best tickle their funny bones.

  • Beer of the Show: New Belgium's Dayblazer Easygoing Ale
  • The Big Lebowski Malibu police station scene
  • Three Amigos Look Up Here! scene 
  • Superbad dick drawing scene
  • Little Miss Sunshine car horn scene
  • Burn After Reading caught and shot scene
  • Dr. Strangelove big board scene
  • Mitchell and Webb Look brain surgeon scene
Volume XLIII - Scene Series: Anatomy of a Horror Scene

On this week's episode of the WriterDie podcast, the guys discuss what they believe makes some scenes particularly horrifying. Plus they make a case for the defense of M. Night Shyamalan.

  • Beer of the Show: Magic Hat Brewing's #9 
  • It Follows "Tall Man" scene and opening scene
  • The Fellowship of the Ring Bilbo Baggins jump scare
  • Jurassic Park T-Rex breaks free 
  • The Descent initial sighting and Beth's death 
  • The Village porch scene
Volume XLII - Scene Series: Anatomy of an Action Scene

On the first episode of our four part series on some of our most appreciated cinema scenes, the guys break down the action scenes they believe to be most impressive.

Show Notes:

  • Beer of the Show: Hops & Grain Brewing's new Haze County double IPA
  • Oldboy hallway scene
  • Inception hallway scene
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service church scene
  • Drive opening scene
  • Dark Knight opening scene
  • The Matrix Reloaded highway chase scene part 1 and part 2
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon scene
  • Hanna subway scene
  • Scott Pilgrim VS The World fight scene playlist
Volume XLI - 2017 Funny Moments

In this episode of the WriterDie podcast, Nate and Chris welcome in Heather Coffee as a guest host. The comedian chats with the guys about some of the 2017 moments that made them laugh the most.

Show Notes:

Volume XL - 2018 Lookahead

On this episode of the WriterDie Podcast, the guys settle in for a discussion on some of the things they're most excited for in the coming year. Plus a little bit on the things they're least excited for.

Show Notes:

Volume XXXIX - 2017 Favorites

On the new year's first episode of the WriterDie Podcast, we each share three of our favorite things that came out this year.

Show Notes: 

Volume XXXVII - Halloween Spectacular!

The WriterDie guys gather to discuss all things Halloween. If it goes bump in the night, in a film, in a song, or in a video game, we're talking about it. 

Nate Mackie
Volume XXXII - Music Series: One-Hit Wonders. Where Are They Now? Let's Find Out.

On this week's edition of the WriterDie Music Series, the guys discuss the evolution and potential disappearance of the "One-Hit Wonder".

Volume XXIX - Goes to The Movies: Dunkirk pt. I

In this unprecedented first part of a two part WriterDie Goes to the Movies, the guys break down some of their thoughts on Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk.

Volume XXVII - The Deceitful Protagonist

On this week's episode, the WriterDie crew attempts to decipher what exactly it means to be a "Deceitful Protagonist".

Volume XXVI - Goes to The Movies: Baby Driver

In this edition of WriterDie goes to the movies, Nate, Chris, and AMSB breakdown what they loved and didn't quite love about Edgar Wright's newest film, Baby Driver.