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Volume XLIV - Scene Series: Anatomy of a Comedy Scene

On this third entry into the WriterDie Scene Series, the guys break down some of the scenes that best tickle their funny bones.

  • Beer of the Show: New Belgium's Dayblazer Easygoing Ale
  • The Big Lebowski Malibu police station scene
  • Three Amigos Look Up Here! scene 
  • Superbad dick drawing scene
  • Little Miss Sunshine car horn scene
  • Burn After Reading caught and shot scene
  • Dr. Strangelove big board scene
  • Mitchell and Webb Look brain surgeon scene
Volume XXIV - Character Development, As Dictated By Three Developing Characters

With AMSB out of town, we had to call on our friend Joey Campanello to come in, discuss character development, and help with hosting.